Wednesday, September 29, 2010

'Splosion Man - Level 2 - Hardcore Mode (Complete)

Sometime yesterday I was finally able to complete Level 2 on the "nearly impossible" Hardcore Mode, not sure how I did it but I did it and only one more Level stands in my way from getting the prestigious achievement.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dead Rising 2 - The Zombies are Back [Reviews]

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It's been awhile since the first hugely successful "use everything as weapons" to "kill hundreds of on-screen zombies at once" game, Dead Rising was released. Nearly over four years ago, gamers around the world felt what it was like to kill a zombie with a bowling ball..with a soda machine..with [insert crazy weapon here] and boy did they love it!

Well, this time, the stakes have never been higher with the release of Dead Rising 2 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC! This time around, you can create custom weapons to your liking(sort of) so it's never been easier to kill a zombie with a spiked baseball bat, or whatever else you see lying around. Great stuff!

Well, I'll probably be picking up the game, but not entirely sure yet. Here are some reviews below that might help you decide, like it's going to help me decide:

Game Informer (95/100): "Even after playing for dozens of hours, you'll still find new things in Dead Rising 2. I won't spoil anything, but there's a lot of variety to be found in the game beyond obvious things like the number of objects that can be used as bludgeons. This game is designed for multiple playthroughs, and I'm looking forward to each and every one of them." Read on...

GameSpot (8.5/10): "The Dead Rising formula proves to be as addictive as ever, and a new cooperative mode and weapon crafting system are great additions to the franchise." Read on...

IGN (8.0/10): "It’s not the smoothest game and it can feel like the last one, however that doesn’t mean a thing when the game’s this much fun. Using a car battery and a Street Fighter mask to electrocute the undead and a set of knives and a pair of boxing gloves to make Wolverine claws are all great times. Watching Chuck get covered in blood as he slays thousands of zombies, changing outfits so that one minute you’re in a toddler clothes with a LEGO head and the next you’re in a sundress, and listening to completely whacked out boss stories – that’s what I remember about Dead Rising 2. Any issue the game might have just falls to the backburner." Read on...

Eurogamer (8.0/10): "But despite the low-level irritations, Dead Rising 2's focus and determination win you over. Its assured grasp of what the game is and what it isn't is worth celebrating. The harder edges of the first game have been softened a little, no doubt thanks to the involvement of a Western studio. The result is a balanced game, at once idiosyncratic, infuriating, funny and ultimately compelling. In both its story and its systems, it holds life and undeath in delicate tension; and as a result, all the loud-mouth college humour and violence fail to mask its tender heart." Read on...

Kikizo (8.0/10): "Dead Rising 2 is a serviceable follow-up, and another unique addition to the ranks of zombie bashers. Its uniqueness is of the rough-and-ready variety, however, sparked by colliding clich├ęs, and for all Fortune City’s lashings of sugar, glitter and grey matter, many will find that unevenness hard to bear. Recommended, but watch your step." Read on...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

'Splosion Man - Level 1 - Hardcore Mode (Complete)

In case some of you didn't know, 'Splosion Man is a wildly successful action/puzzle/platformer game from the indie developer, Twisted Pixel, and is extremely fun, both singleplayer and online 2-player co-op.

After you complete the game(All three levels), Hardcore Mode is unlocked. In Hardcore Mode(image above), there are no checkpoints(like Normal Mode) and if you get hit even once, you have to start from the beginning, which is a major pain in the ass.

I finally completed the first level and it was a very difficult journey and it ain't over yet. I'm now going to attempt to play Level 2 on the devastating Mode and see what happens. It may take a week, may take a month, could even take a year, but I'll do it, little by little every day. That Hardcore Mode Achievement will be mine. MINE! ...eventually.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sendy Posterous App for Android

Just testing out this Sendy Posterous App for Android I downloaded. Doesn't offer a whole lot in terms of features but is pretty useful if you want to make a post on the fly. You can also add pictures to posts. Pretty cool app.
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