Wednesday, February 1, 2012

REMINDER: Enter The Shank 2 Sweepstakes Before Feb. 7 To Win Something Really Cool!

What if I told you that you could win a brand new 250 GB Xbox 360, Shank 2 AND 12-months of Xbox LIVE so you can shank your friends via Shank 2's new online Survival Mode? What would you say? Would you be totally utterly blown away? Yeah, I bet you would be!'s your lucky day because if you enter the Shank 2 Sweepstakes before Feb. 7, you could be the lucky winner! Ya never know, right?

Enter Here Now!!:

There is a catch, however. You have to LIKE the Shank facebook page first in order to enter. It shoudn't be TOO hard to head over to the dedicated fan page, put your mouse curser on the 'Like' button and left-click. Well, shouldn't be anyways. :-)

Hurry though, because Shank 2 will be shanking its way to an Xbox 360, PS3, and PC(Steam) near you on Febuary 7, 2012!

Shank 2 - All-New Online/Offline Survival Mode Explained!