Thursday, May 7, 2009

3D Realms Shuts Down
---->Long Live Duke Nukem!<----

I cannot believe it.

Yesterday, May 6, the famous company behind the Duke Nukem franchise shuts down after many years of operation. And the cause? Funding. Everything is being shut down because of funding these days. Why can't they just talk it out or something.

Take-Two says that they still hold the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever, the game that has been in development for years, but was never actually funding the game, which I cannot even begin to believe.

Who the hell was funding the game then? Were they secretly taking money from Take-Two? Or was 3D Realms just funding the game with their own money? If they were in fact using their own money, then what the hell is the problem? I don't get it.

I really can't believe 3D Realm has been shut down because of a little funding problem.

Well, I guess it is true of what they have been saying for years... Duke Nukem Forever really had no chance of ever seeing the light of day, or does it? Will it be "forever" doomed to a life of incompleteness? Only Take-Two knows.

I honestly hope they do find another developer to continue the work that has already been done with Duke Nukem Forever, or maybe it was their plan all along to never release DNF, hence the last part in the title, "Forever", as in it will never be released. That don't make a lick of sense though, well, who knows.

3D Realms was definately a great company and will never be forgotten. They've made some of the best games in the industry, most notably the Duke Nukem franchise.

Thanks for everything, 3D Realms!

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