Thursday, June 4, 2009

E3 2009 - Reinvented and Reborn Again

Yep, today was the last day of the reinvented and reborn again E3 and what an E3 it has been!

I didn't get to go this year, as I just wanted to see if they could bring it back to what E3 was all about in years past and I think I found my answer. E3 definitely wasn't like 2007 or 2008, small and no booth babes in sight, it was like all the other E3's, like 2005's and 2006's E3. I am extremely excited that they decided to re-build E3 like it once was and boy did they!

On Monday, lots of game announcements and news about already announced games came out of the Microsoft Press Conference, lots and I mean LOTS!

RECAP(6/01/09), Microsoft Press Conference:
  1. The Beatles Rock Band: Finally, the world got a glipse from the trailer they unveiled about what everyone can expect from soon-to-be best Rock Band seperate game ever, The Beatles Rock Band!
  2. Tony Hawk RIDE: Have you ever wanted to be in the games of Tony Hawk? Not as a character, but as YOU(sort of)... well, now you have a chance, with the first ever skateboard controller that allows you, the player, to interact with the Tony Hawk games like never before. You can pull off big air maneuvers like you would with an actual skateboard and this will interact with the game world. Pretty damn awesome.
  3. Modern Warfare 2: Live demo of actual gameplay footage from Modern Warfare 2. CoD4: MW was awesome and so is the sequel. Cannot wait to get my hands on it!
  4. Final Fantasy XIII: The first ever look at the "soon-to-be-awesome" Final Fantasy XIII running on an Xbox 360! Next year is gonna be one hell of a year for video games!
  5. Shadow Complex: Looks pretty cool. Kind of looks similar to that of Bionic Commando in terms of graphics and gameplay, but still looks badass and will be available on the Xbox Live Arcade. BRING IT ON!
  6. JoyRide: This game looks kind of interesting. It utilizes everyone avatar on Xbox Live and most importantly, it's FREE! It will be kind of cool to see everyone's customized avatar racing eachother in JoyRide. Pretty unique. Can't wait to try it out this Winter.
  7. Crackdown 2: They revealed Crackdown 2 in the form of an awesome trailer. I'm a huge fan of the original Crackdown(LOTS OF FUN) and so I was really excited to hear that a sequel is going to be released. Although it's not being developed by Realtime Worls(they developed Crackdown), I'm sure it'll still be a hugh hit. Let's hope!
  8. Left 4 Dead 2: They played a trailer for Valve upcoming survivla horror game, Left 4 Dead 2, sequel to the multi-award winning game, Left 4 Dead. It looks like there's all new characters, zombies and gamemodes. Can't wait! Comes out in November 17, 2009.
  9. Splinter Cell: Conviction: After being what seemed like a long time, Splinter Cell: Conviction gets shown off in gameplay form. Looks cool and dark. Sam Fisher has definitely changed and for the better. Badass!
  10. Forza Motorsport 3: Don't know what to say... never really was a fan(PGR FTW), but since this is a recap of what was announced and shown off, gotta list it. haha.
  11. Halo 3: ODST: Finally, some actual gameplay footage of this game. Looks really awesome. Master Chief might not be in this one, but still, looks like a winner to me!
  12. Halo Reach: What more is there to say? New Halo... 'nough said!
  13. Alan Wake: Yes, after a couple of years of being hidden deep within someones dark mind, they revealed some actual footage from the game and actual GAMPLAY FOOTAGE! Looks intense and gritty, just like out of a bad dream.
  14. Last.FM/Facebook/Twitter: Wow... what will they come up with next? Now everyone will be able to enjoy fresh music with Last.FM, see their friends status updates with Facebook and post updates with Twitter... and on the Xbox 360, too! Amazing! Last.FM/Twitter ones I'll probably mostly be using, not so much of Facebook though. haha.
  15. M...G...S... METAL GEAR SOLID on Xbox 360: This was amazing news and I bet a shock to the world. First Final Fantasy XIII on 360 and now Metal Gear Solid. Wow... such an amazing moment in the video game industry. Never thought it would happen, but it finally did with the world premiere trailer of Metal Gear Solid: Rising and guess who will be starring in the game? Not Solid Snake..................... RAIDEN!
  16. Project Natal: In my personal opinion, this is one of the biggest annoucements at E3 this year. The revealing of the next BIG idea, Project Natal, which will allow the player to literally play games in a complete "controller-free" environment with full body-motion in a 3D space. Amazing, really amazing technology. This is truly the next revolution in video games... that's IF it works. If it doesn't work, fail, but if it does indeed work and I'm hoping it does, revolutionizing. Because of the early prototype they shown off at E3, I wonder when this really unique device will be available to the consumer and at what price point? I'm guessing right now, 2010 at $3-400. If this does work, I'd pay $500. Walk in the room(if you're 360 is on) and it automatically recognizes you. And the fact that you can just wave your hand left or right to move upon the menus on Xbox 360. Absolutely amazing! Can't wait to hear more about Project Natal!
Well... that pretty much sums it up for the Microsoft Press Conference. This is pretty much my experience of the first conference at E3. Next up: Nintendo Press Conference and finally, Sony Press Conference.

RECAP(6/02/09), Nintendo Press Conference:
  1. NEW Super Mario Bros. for the Wii: NEW Super Mario Bros. for the DS totally won the world over time and time again and now, Nintendo is bringing you NEW Super Mario Bros. for the WII in all-out four player Mario action. Pretty awesome if you ask me!
  2. Wii Fit Plus: Wii Fit is still really hard to find(I was lucky to get the last one at my local GameStop last year) and now they are releasing this Winter, Wii Fit Plus, a collection of all-new fitness games, including a skateboard game. Wii Fit Plus will be bundled with the Wii Balance Board, as well as seperately for those of us who already own Wii Fit. That was nice of them.
  3. More about Wii Motion Plus: Yep, President and COO of NoA, Reggie Fils-Aime talks more about the Wii Motion Plus, a device that will attach to the Wii Remote and will offer more precision control over games. Definitely cool!
  4. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers: Another RPG on the Nintendo Wii, but obviously, a really good one. Watch the gameplay trailer and you'll see.
  5. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days: Was never a fan of the series, but still felt inclined to list it. Looks okay but probably looks awesome to fans of the games.
  6. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: This game looks interesting, really, really interesting. They showed some gameplay footage of the game in action on the DS. I might have to check it out.
  7. Golden Sun DS: This is the game I've honestly been waiting for, for a very long time. Been a huge fan and still am, since the releasing of Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age and when I seen the world premiere trailer of Golden Sun DS, I was shocked. 6 years after not having a Golden Sun on my DS is a long time and won't have to wait much longer. This is a game I must own on day one, no matter what!
  8. Woman's Murder Club for the DS: Uhh.... no comment.
  9. Cop: The Recuit for the DS: Again, not really sure what to think. The trailer looked pretty good though.
  10. Girl's Mode for the DS: This really and I mean REALLY pains me to list this game. NO MORE... *leaves*
  11. More talk about the Nintendo DSi: Yep, more talk about the Nintendo DSi. Oh yeah, and already 1 million units of the DSi sold since launch. Very nice. I'll buy one one of these days.
  12. Flip Node Studio for the DSi: Movie making software that lets DSi owners created shortish animated movies and can then broadcast them to the world. Wow, nice!
  13. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! for the DSi: Pretty cool game that lets the player create their own levels and so fourth and then let others download 'em.
  14. WarioWare DIY: A collection of micro games.
  15. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks: They revealed this game a few months back and had a few words about it at the conference, but didn't mention anything else about it. Looking forward to it though!
  16. Wii Vitality Sensor: It's a device that attaches to the Wii Remote. You then put your finger inside the device and only then will you know what your heart rate is, how nervous you are, if you are focused or unforuce and if you are feeling nervous. Hmm... interesting concept. Very interesting to say the least.
  17. Super Mario Galaxy 2: After about 30 minutes of "not-so-great" video game stuff, they reveal Super Mario Galaxy 2, sequel to SMG. I gotta say, I am really looking forward to this sequel as the last one was really awesome. Can't wait!
  18. The Conduit: This one looks super awesome and I'm REALLY loooking forward to it. Looks really unique and original.
  19. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles: Rail-scroller action at its best! Looks great.
  20. Dead Space: Extraction: Developed by EA Redshore, Dead Space was a fantastic horror game and really enjoyed every minutes of it. And now they are building it from the ground up with Dead Space: Extraction for the Nintendo Wii. Amazing!
  21. Metroid: Other M: Wow, wow, wow. Nintendo definitely still has a few aces up their sleeves. They showed a really nice trailer of the game. Metroid: Other M is being developed by Ninja Gaiden developer, Team NINJA!
And that's it ladies and gentleman. End of conference. Just like the Microsoft Press Conference recap, this sums it up for Nintendo's Press Conference. Stay tuned for the last one, Sony's Press Conference.

RECAP(6/02/09), Sony Press Conference:
  1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: Never played the first one but I heard some great things about it and this one is probably no different. I'm sure it'll do well as expected.
  2. MAG(Massive Action Game): Is 64 player online battles a lot? How about 128? Nope, not even close. Try 256 players. That's right, in MAG, there will be 256 players in an all-out war going on at once. Just thinking about it is kind of crazy. MAG is definitely the game I'm anxiously waiting for.
  3. PSP GO: New PSP, smaller size... what else is there to say. Don't have one, Nintendo Handhelds FTW!
  4. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: Creator of Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima walks onto the stage and talks about how Solid Snake will make his way to the PSP GO in the form of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, a game set 10 years after Metal Gear Solid 3 and takes place in the 1970s. He also mentions that this one is a true MGS sequel. A trailer of the game is shown. Looks cool. But like I said a few lines up, I don't own a PSP and never will. Sorry...
  5. Resident Evil: Portable: Yep, another game for a portable handheld I'll never own. CURSE YOU SONY, CURSE YOU! But the game looks good. haha
  6. Agent: No trailer(I'm sure there are some out there), but I'm sure this one will be good.
  7. Assassin's Creed 2: Actual gameplay of Assassin's Creed 2 and it looks better than ever! And the game takes place in the Italian Renaissance, interesting...
  8. Final Fantasy XIII: Trailer of FFXIII, and looks absolutely amazing! Different from the one shown at the Microsoft Press Conference though. Amazing!
  9. Final Fantasy XIV Online: Already a new Final Fantasy game is being developed and FFXIII hasn't even been released yet. They don't mess around. Wow. Looks really awesome though. And it's online. Nice.
  10. New Motion Controller: Too little too late, Sony. Project Natal took the stage at E3 first so they get first dibs. haha. But seriously, what they showed off, with all the Eye Toy tracking and exact motions, etc, looked pretty good, but I'm still more impressed by Project Natal.
  11. ModNation Racers: Interesting. Similar to LittleBigPlanet in terms of creating anything, whatever, whenever, anything you can think of, you can create... in the form of racing. The live gameplay demo they showed really showed off the powers of the PS3 and ModNation Racers. Makes me want to pick it up when it gets released in 2010.
  12. The Last Guardian: Trailer was shown off of this PS3 exclusive title and the developer of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus is behind it. I say this a lot it seems like, but really, this game is... AMAZING!
  13. Gran Turismo 5: Short trailer of the PS3's next big racing game, Gran Turismo 5. Looks good, but still, PGR FTW!
  14. God of War III: They definitely saved the best for last, as God of War III will surely be one of the best PS3 games of next year. A live demo of GoWIII was played and it looks absolutely freaking amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on this one in March, 2010!

Well, that's it folks. E3 2009 is done and over with until next year when E3 returns. E3 was extremely successful and 2010 will be even better than before. Next year, I'm going... I hope! haha.

See ya next year...

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