Friday, July 24, 2009

Kevin "K-Spa" Spacey Explains Twitter to David Letterman

Twitter is huge. There's no question about it. Little over three years strong, Twitter gets around 30,000,000 uniques a month(or more). This is astronomical, considering the companies only been around for that long. Many other companies don't get that big in that amount of time.

Everyone(or almost everyone, hint David Letterman) uses Twitter. Companies use it to self-promote. Celebrities use it to talk about their daily lives, which I might add, a lot of "regular" folk are interested in. My point is.. lots and lots of people use it. Hell, even the President of the United States use Twitter. Twitter is THAT big.

Anyways, before I carry on and on and on.. a few days ago on Late Show with David Letterman, Kevin Spacey was on the show. David Letterman knows nothing about the power of Twitter, so Kevin took it upon himself to explain it to him. (By the way, his street name is K-Spa; suits him, haha) - Kevin has over 800,000 followers which is no small feat.

It's a pretty hilarious bit. David gets a little offensive which makes it even more funny. Watch it and learn a few things about Twitter from "K-Spa".

And note to David: GET ON TWITTER YOU LAZY/CHEAP Host! (hahahah)

Kevin Spacey:

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