Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Angry Birds Seasons Now On Android [Winter Edition]

Angry Birds is a huge hit on the Android platform, over 7 million downloads strong, just like its iPhone counterpart. No surprise there as Angry Birds just cannot be stopped. And with the eventual release on Xbox 360 and PS3, and soon DS thereafter, the bird-flinging, pig destroying game just keeps growing stronger. And why stop there? Some director(like Uwe Boll) will step up and make a movie about the game. Although, that would probably go horribly wrong as the Boll is known for making bad, and horribly graphically violent movies. Not a good fit. Okay, let's just keep the game 'a game' and nothing more..thanks.

With that said, Rovio Mobile, the developers of the successful game, today released Angry Birds Seasons onto the Android Market and App Store, respectively.

What does that mean? Well, that means you can be enjoying 25 Winter themed levels, but you need be patient, as the first of 25 levels unlocked today, while each additional level unlocking every day up until the big day, December 25, just like an Advent calendar. Isn't that radical? Yes, absolutely!

But that's not all...there's more! With a lot of Android users thinking the iPhone/iPad, etc. Halloween Angry Birds never making the dive to your Droid X, the wait is over! The 45 Halloween themed levels are also included with Angry Birds Seasons. That's just insanely awesome...I'm sure everyone is saying!

Also of note, in the news filled AB newsletter, Rovio has stated that a paid version of Angry Birds will be available in 'later updates'. That's pretty reassuring. And one last tidbit--the devs also mentioned a "graphically lighter" option will be available in the game, as well, you know, that will be focuses on lower-end devices. Pretty nice!

Well..there you have it. Rovio has done it again..great job!

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