Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Master Chief Spotted in Fable II

When I bought Fable II, I actually picked up the Collector's Edition, although it is a very poor water downed CE, it's still worth the price. I've seen much better(BioShock CE, GTAIV CE, hell, even Spore CE), but because you get less, the CE is in fact less, $10 less to be exact.

Anyways... the only thing worth mentioning in that CE is the code that unlocks a special armor and sword, but not just any armor and sword, THE armor and sword... Master Chief's MJOLNIR spartan armor and the Covenant Energy Sword(pictured below).

Isn't that cool? I guess that's where Master Chief went(if you've played and beaten Halo 3, you'll know what I mean).

Master Chief Suit #1 by you.
Master Chief Suit #2 by you.
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