Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Off-Topic Post #4 - Sons of Aranchy

Here's a really jammin' new show which debuted in September of this year and airs on FX(lots of great shows on that channel!)

The show is about a motorcycle gang(Sons of Anarchy) who hang out, have fun, etc.. and they're also gun runners.

Definitely a great show to watch and Hellboy's Ron Pealman is in it.

Here's the pilot episode:

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Tim Clevenger said...

This was the hottest show on TV. I have been tryig to find all the episodes so I coudl watch them again. Wish FX would run this show again.

Unknown said...

This is the BEST show on TV.
Everyone at work and I mean everyone talks about this show.
We all love it and we would like to know when the new season airs.

Congradulations FX this show is your high water mark.