Thursday, March 10, 2011

Xbox LIVE Labs Testing Program Initiated

Today marks the start of Xbox LIVE Labs, a testing program that helps improve the overall experience of Xbox LIVE, mainly network testing.

Xbox LIVE Labs is solely optional and voluntary, according to Major Nelson's blog post, and grants each person who participates three Xbox LIVE avatar clothing pieces, along with three Zero Point Achievements.

Not bad, but there are a few catches if you desire to take part. The catches are, you cannot play any games, watch any more, or pretty much do anything on your Xbox 360 while the testing is going on.

Also take note that while the program tests your Xbox 360 to Xbox LIVE, you will never be identified at all.

So it appears there's three test phases:

  1. Lab Technician (Time: Continuous 30 minutes
  2. Senior Research Analyst (Time: Cumulative 1 hour)
  3. Mad "360" Scientist (Time: Cumulative 6 hours)

That's about it. Three phases. That ain't so bad, right? There is one other thing though..while the testing is going on, your internet connection can slow down pretty badly and lots of data will be used.

Now go be a lab rat and support Xbox LIVE!


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